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Friday iPhone Photo Dump

by | Sep 23, 2011 | iPhone, Kate Giovinco Photography | 0 comments

1. Spent the afternoon with Miss Cami and her mama. Haven’t had a chance for our visit this week so next week for sure. 2. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies for the manfriend to take on his vacation with his family. 3. The twins first Sunday Dinner. Feeding Miss Olivia her bottle, which is bigger than her head. 4. Also turns out other things are bigger than her head as well. Such as my boob. Poor kid. 5. My European dinner in bed. 6. Picture wall almost complete. TV finally hung. 7. Indian food with Miss Sara. It had been a while since our last date, but since then I will get to see her for 4 consecutive weeks in a row. YAY for availability on both our schedules.  8. More yummy Indian Food from our girls date. 9. Chester County Restaurant Festival. My realization yet again I really don’t enjoy large crowds in small areas. NOTE TO SELF: Remember that next time. 10. Enjoyed some yummy food, however it wasn’t a smoothie or funnel cake, but I did have some lemonade. 11. The aftermath of the restaurant festival. The street cleaned, but still closed.  12. Redneck Truck in Chadds Ford. The story behind pictures like this is that I always take pictures of redneck trucks or things I have questions about that may be redneck and text them to Robert. He is my go to guy for all things Redneck and well frankly I ask him other random questions as well. The redneck questions however started when I was visiting him in VA beach and we were driving to lunch he told me he wanted to get a red neck truck for his next vehicle. So now I ask him all redneck related things. And yes this is a total redneck truck I was informed. 13. Happy hour at the farm. 14. Dinner at the farm. Fish Tacos with a little Patron. YUM 15. Thank you note from Amazing A for surprising her at her 6th birthday. 16. The beach with the NJ Ramsburgs and their mama. We did miss their daddy while he was at work.


My small iPhone dump from the past two weeks. I promise this week I will take the phone out more and capture what is going on. Tonight is date night with the man, Autism walk in the AM in Philadelphia, Apple picking with my girl date on Sunday, Family dinner, and well that is just the weekend. Next week is packed as well. Have a great Friday Internets.

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