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Friday iPhone Photo Dump

by | Sep 9, 2011 | iPhone | 0 comments

4 weeks in a row of unloading my phone onto the blog and facebook. I enjoy seeing a glimpse at what I do and who I do it with every week. 

1. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kentuck Knob house. 2. Sculpture garden at Kentuck Knob. The red people? 3. Coolest wind chimes ever. 4. Mushrooms everywhere in the mountains. 5. I have the best job ever. Processing pictures while getting a pedicure. 6. Sarah Bloom’s opening night for her totally exposed exhibit and Donna’s birthday at Melting Pot with awesome people. 7. Awesomeness 8. Trading skewers and I got sunshine yellow. 9. The beach house is full when there are lots of tooth brushes all over the counter. Yes they are always like this on the counter when we are all there. 10. Goal to reread all Emily Giffin books this summer = success. 11. The master goof ball waiting to go into breakfast. 12. He is a complete riot. Loves to pose all goofy. 13. Gran and Brett waiting outside of breakfast. 14. Teri and Mom. Cousins. 15. McMenamin 16.  Pure Tacos the Gluten Free Taco Stand. Fabulous. A must go if you are on Ocean City, NJ Board Walk. 17. Best Fish Tacos EVER! 18. Loved the napkin, so true. 19. This guy was at Chipolte when I was picking up lunch. He was carrying a fire arm which I don’t have a problem with just thought it was interesting it wasn’t covered and he was just chilling in his flip flops and camo shorts. Maybe you just want to put your shirt over your weapon. 20. The most needed beer ever. I had the worst day on Wednesday. A nice cold beer hit the spot. 21. Dinner with friends after a long crappy day on Wednesday. 22. Ainsley Grace’s story board arrived in the mail. Well two of them. One for her mama and one for her Uncle. 23. Pumpkin Carving Party and Pig Roast invite at one of my besties. I love Fall. 24. Pizza night with Cam and her mama and some of our high school friends. 25. Nothing better than a snuggly baby.

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