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This is my cousin Tyson, he is 6 and lives in Kansas.

I visited him over Thanksgiving and I mentioned that he should come to the beach this summer with our cousin Becky (who is my age) and come to surf camp. Well he hasn’t stopped talking about coming to surf camp since. I am sure I am not his mama’s favorite person right now. Well the day after I told him to come to the beach house, he woke up talking about it. His mama said they might not be able to go and he told her it was ok if she didn’t go because he would just catch a ride with Beck and that Kate told him he could come.

Well it has been weeks and he is still talking about it. His mama told him that he would have to talk to me about it, so he told her that I should just come to Christmas. Hopefully Tyson and his mama will come to the beach house this summer. If they do I will definitely pay for Tyson to go to surf camp. Heck I am going to go with him.

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