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Toddler Frat!

by | Aug 10, 2011 | Anais, Family Beach, Noor | 0 comments

The girls and I have been at the beach since Sunday. There have been tons of people in and out. Lots of kids to play with and lots of late nights. Last night their cousins and brother came to the house. Anais went to bed around 11:30 and slept until 10:30 this morning. Noor went to bed at 2 am and was up by 9 playing with the kids again. I walked by their bed this morning when I got up and saw this. I knew I had to go and find my camera and get a picture. All I think about when I see this picture is Toddler Frat Party. Can you imagine these two in 15 years. Watch out they can party hard.

More shoots to make the blog soon. I am busy wrangling kids and working. I promise they are coming.

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