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Life With A 2 Year Old

by | Oct 27, 2010 | Anais, Babylicious, Family | 0 comments

She dressed herself in a first birthday dress that belonged to her sister that was in the pile to be stored. She found it and insisted she was wearing it even though it is a 12 month dress and she currently wears a 2t or 3t depending on the outfit.


She loves her boots and any shoes for that matter and also declared that pants, these striped pants to be exact were needed! And one can’t forget the glasses that came with the Sonic Meal the other night. Yes she is a fashion guru at such a young age!


I am in Virginia Beach a few more days before my crazy travel schedule begins. As I type this said 2 year old is sitting on top of me on the couch making it quite difficult.


Have a great day Internets!

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