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Huck turns 2 SOON!

by | Mar 9, 2012 | Huck | 0 comments

So apparently I need to clear something up since on 3 different occasions lately people have thought that Huck is his real name. It is only his online name. In real life I address him as Dillon and whenever I talk about him with family and friends I call him Dillon. Huck was his nickname while his mama was pregnant. She was pregnant with him in London and one of the ultrasound techs said “oh he is about the size of a huckleberry” and the nickname Huck was born. So that is the reason I call him Huck online.

So anyway Huck and his Papa flew into Philadelphia for 48 hours. Lucky for me I was on their list to see. They came over Saturday for lunch and since Huck will be 2 in a few weeks a birthday party was to be had. And a birthday party is what he got.

I love Buzz and Woody so of course I was thrilled to see all the goodies out there right now. I bought him a buzz back pack, some crayons and books, and of course it wouldn’t have been complete without his very own Buzz and Woody dolls.


This picture makes me smile for a few reasons. One being I am kinda mean, but mostly because even though he is getting to be a big boy there is still some baby left in him. Like trying to carry a backpack full of goodies and promptly falling over.

So as sad as I am to see them fly back across the country I am grateful for all the wonderful times I do get to see them.

As always check out Facebook where there are more pictures. If you want to see Dillon over the past few years click on the following links.

Newborn Dillon in London.

Dillon in Colorado at 10 months old and of course here as well and heck here too!

Dillon in Colorado for his first birthday.

Dillon becomes a big brother and my second trip out after Cole was born.

Aunt Kate’s birthday in Colorado. 

Of course there are always more, but I still haven’t gotten around to processing them. I have some from my second trip last November after Cole was born and my last trip for Cole’s Blessing. Someday I promise to share them.

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