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All Is Well

by | Apr 8, 2011 | Give Away, Mom | 3 comments

A few weeks ago I won a beautiful necklace on Motherhood Is Not For Wimps. The necklace was created by Crystal Beutler of Crystal B’s. It arrived last week and was even more stunning in real life. It is beautiful and the quality is outstanding. What an amazing piece. I plan on ordering another one for myself. Please check out Crystal’s wonderful shop.

I was finally able to give the necklace to my mom this afternoon.

Crystal created the “All is Well” necklace for Stephanie Nielson after her plane crash in August of 2008.

“There is a Mormon hymn called ‘All is Well’ about the pioneers that were driven out of Nauvoo, Illinios in the middle of winter sometime around 1846,” Crystal says.  “Most of them eventually crossed the plains and settled Utah.  (The hymn) is about the trials they faced on the journey.  It’s powerful.”

On the first anniversary of the plane crash Stephanie wore the “All Is Well” Necklace to hike the famous Y in Salt Lake City, Utah near her home.

Around the same time Liz’s (Motherhood is not for Wimps) newborn daughter Eden was underweight and suffering from elevated liver function. Liz wore the “All Is Well” necklace to all of Eden’s weigh in’s. Eden is now a healthy happy 2 year old. She is a strong and amazing girl. Her mom is a fighter and so is Eden. Together they proved Dr’s wrong and fought for what they believed. They are an inspiration.

So when I saw the necklace was available during Festivus I knew I had to enter for my mom. The comment below is what I left.

Kate Giovinco Photography

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 9:09 pm

My mom is the first woman to live past 50 in her family. Her mom died of breast cancer at 49 when my mom was 20, she had two babies and moved home to raise her 15 year old sister. Her sister died at the age of 40 from Breast Cancer 15 years ago. My mom helped to raise her daughters who were 2 and 7 at the time. My mom found out she had breast cancer when she was 59. She had a double mastectomy and she is an inspiration to everyone around her. She is the most amazing person I know. In honor of her sister and her mother she walks every single year in the Susan G. Komen 3 day. She walks 60 miles in 3 days. For the last 20 years we walk every mother’s day in honor of all the woman who have suffered from Breast Cancer. She also is a peer sponsor at the hospital where she found comfort and recovery from her cancer.

She has suffered so much loss in her life yet she is the most positive person I know. My youngest brother committed suicide last summer, he suffered from years of addiction even with that she continues on. From his death she honored his memory by starting a charity in his honor called Project Call Home. She knits hats for addicts in the city of Philadelphia.

I would love to give her that necklace.

Crystal picked my entry out of the 100+ entered. I feel so honored and gave it to my mom this afternoon.

I printed everything out so she could read it for herself. When I gave her the necklace she cried. She allowed me to take pictures and share with all of you. This woman has had so many trials in her life, yet she holds her head high, is amazingly strong and helps others around her. She is an inspiration and I am so glad she gets to wear this necklace.

Update: I received the following text message from my mom hours later: “Kate, I really love the necklace and what you wrote. Thank you, I love you.”

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