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So many people have asked what I want for Christmas. The truth is I have it all. I have an amazing family and amazing friends. I get to do what I love for a living. I still work two days a week at my family’s company and I love the people I work with there. All I want for Christmas is to spend the holiday with these people in the pictures below. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

And guess what. LUCKY ME, LUCKY ME! I get to see them all (Oh and of course the inlaws, my mom, my brother and his partner. Pretty much sums up my immediate family. All 13 of us!) and not only do I get to see them all I get to spend the entire Christmas day with them. Watching the kids open their gifts, eating, drinking wine, and most of all just being together. No one has to go anywhere but be together.

*this picture is one of the worst pictures I have ever taken, it is a mess. Everything about it from the blur to the lighting to the complete and utter chaos surrounding this shoot. I love it though. I love the people in it and like they say “the shoemakers kids always go barefoot.” yeah that is kinda how I feel with my family about photos. I take them of individuals but getting a family portrait really doesn’t happen. I live with these people all summer too. I promise 2011 we will get a decent family portrait!

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Angert Family


Basile Family


Radio Flyer