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30 Day Photography Challenge

by | Aug 6, 2011 | 30 Day Photography Challenge | 0 comments

I decided that I was going to join in this fun photography challenge. You know how it goes, I just am never busy enough, or at least my mind tends to think that when I squeeze just one more thing in. I decided I would do this with a few photography friends, but would use my iPhone for most of it. If I used my iPhone I knew that I would be able to do it. Don’t worry I will use my other camera as well, but the iPhone is so convenient there would be absolutely no reason for me not to complete it.

So here are my pictures so far!

Day 1 – Self Portrait

Day 2:  What I wore today!

I went out on a date tonight and decided on my new top and a 5 year old skirt from walmart. I love it and get the most compliments on it. This was the end of the night but I got the picture in and had a great date. Yay.

Day 3:  Clouds. It poured this afternoon. I should have gotten my cloud picture this morning, but such is life I waited. I am kinda glad I did because I was laying at my mom’s house in her yoga studio and staring up. This is my view. I seriously love this room, I don’t love yoga but I love to come in here and relax. It is the best place to work and think.

Day 4 – something green – my dinner.

Date nights with my friend Sara are by far some of my favorite. We try to get together atleast once a month and try new restaurants in West Chester. Sometimes we go back to old favorites, sometimes we go to new, sometimes we go to the same place a few dates in a row. We always get multiple courses and share. The spirits are usually flowing. A good time is always had. Tonight we went to Teca again. We haven’t gone together in a long time however my date with J was there the other night. And of course I got the same waitress. Ha.

More to come I promise. Have a great weekend Internets. I have a busy one full of friends, family, and work. I am very excited.

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