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Lots of Updates…Surviving Hurricane Sandy

by | Nov 2, 2012 | Get Well Gabby Foundation, Petite Sessions | 2 comments

I know I have been lacking in posts. We have been trying to get caught up after Hurricane Sandy this week. As most of you know the Jersey Shore is where we spend are summers. It was devastated by the hurricane. The other part of the year we are in the Philadelphia suburbs and although the storm barely hit here there are still lots of areas without power, internet and flooding. So now the cleanup begins. Luckily our beach house sustained minimal damage and will just need some love and care to get it back, but lots of families lost their homes and hopefully we can get out there and help them rebuild.

I have also been working on getting caught up with Petite Sessions and getting ordering sessions scheduled.

Here are a few images I have shared so far from the Petite Sessions. More to come but for now we are in the midst of the after storm.

Mackenzie was Gabby’s best friend and I wanted to make sure we incorporated something special for Mackenzie’s shoot. She wore her Get Well Gabby Believe bracelet and I am so glad I had this sign to use as well.

More to come I promise. Maybe even a post dedicated to each family that had supported the Get Well Gabby Foundation by signing up for a Petite Session. We are so blessed to be a part of this amazing foundation.

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