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The Digital Dark Age: Why Prints Are So Valuable.

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Kate Giovinco Photography | 0 comments

The number one consumer question is “How much are the digitals?” I always answer with can I ask why you want the digitals? Most of the time they just want them, sometimes to keep as a backup. I always follow up with a question. When was the last time you printed a picture from your phone or your camera? 98% of the time the answer is “I can’t remember” or “A long time ago”. I want to share something that I have learned as a photographer. There is this epidemic they are expecting to happen and it is called the Digital Dark Age. Where every image we own will be on a hard drive or DVD and guess what? When those forms of media are extinct so are the images that you never printed. I am grateful my childhood photos aren’t on a floppy disk because I could not access them. Do you own a floppy drive? I don’t and I don’t know anyone who does. Same with vhs and slides. I don’t know of anywhere that will print slides. Technology is moving forward and it is not worried about where you store your family memories. It is worried about how much money they can make on the greatest new invention.

So in my business I share what I value. I value prints. I want your images to come to life. I want them hanging on your wall so that every day you walk by and see your beautiful family. Your family images should fill your home. You live there decorate it with your loved ones. We do offer digital negatives, but we won’t just sell you a digital file. I am with you every step of the way. From the first phone call until that print is hung in your house. There is so much time spent on a session. From deciding what to wear to taking the time out of your busy schedule to get your portraits taken. Don’t waste that time by throwing a DVD in a drawer and never bringing your images to life.


*I wrote this article for the Chester County Event Site.  

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