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A few weeks ago I was able to meet this little guy. He is the baby of two of my really good friends. He fought us a bit in the beginning and I think it was because the room was too warm. This boy likes to lay around in a diaper in the air condition so clearly following the norm was not the norm in this case. Rooms should be around 85 degrees for newborn sessions and babies tend to sleep when it is that warm. However, sweet baby J did not like that theory. As soon as we put him in an airconditioned room he was out cold and I could get some sleepy baby shots.

Baby J was not a fan of the bean bag, but loved the nest.

Seriously is there anything cuter than a baby in a bucket?* I don’t think so. His Daddy made that sweet little fishing rod for him and his mama found the hat on Etsy hand made by by KTandthesquid.

J’s mama and daddy spent a lot of time on his nursery. They gutted his room, had the floors refinished and had that beautiful built in window seat put in. I wanted to make sure we got some pictures of his nursery since it was a true labor of love. J’s daddy was giving him some love during his session.

And of course we had to get some pictures with Mama. I love the little smile here when he heard his mama talking to him.

More to come as I finish up his gallery.

* I hope this goes without saying, but I want to just make it clear that safety is my number one priority in all of my shoots. That being said anytime you put a baby in a prop like this please make sure the baby is in a deep sleep and you have a weight in the bottom that weighs more than the baby. You wouldn’t want it to tip over because it is top heavy. I would never attempt this shot without a spotter or a baby that is in a deep sleep. His dad was sitting right next to him within arms reach the entire time.

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