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Lifestyle Sessions – The Perfect Time For A Portrait Session Is Now…

by | Jan 9, 2013 | Philadelphia Photographer | 0 comments

I can’t express how important it is to get a family portrait done when everyone is around. I always tell people that portraits can be done inside. They don’t have to be done when the weather is warmer and the trees are full of color. I honestly love lifestyle shoots, because it gives you a glimpse into the lives of the family. You capture the family in their environment where they are most comfortable. The place that most of your memories are made. I love looking back at pictures from my childhood and seeing the way our house looked. The toys in the back ground, the furniture, etc. It captured family life as it was at that time. I always tell people don’t wait for a certain time of year to take a picture family portrait. The perfect time is now when everyone is there and everyone is healthy. I know it sounds morbid but life is short and can change in an instant. I want to share an event that occurred in the last week.  I spent last weekend in the ICU as my best friend lost her mother suddenly at the age of 57. No warning she just woke up one morning not feeling good and the moments that followed were tragic. My best friend was due home in a month with her husband and babies. She was coming home to see family and friends. She is still coming home, but her visit will be bittersweet. I plan to photograph her family while they are in town. It will be February and it will be cold, but we will be in her Father’s home taking pictures as they are in the moment. So my rambling aside don’t wait for the perfect time, because the perfect time is right now. If you are interested in booking a session please give us a call we would be honored to capture your family.

A few weeks ago I photographed an extended family. Part of the family is in Colorado and they were home for the holidays. I am so grateful I was able to photograph them together in their home. Here are a few pictures of the grandkids. The family portrait is a gift for their grandmother and I want to make sure that she sees them first at her ordering session. I promise to share more soon.


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Angert Family


Basile Family


Radio Flyer