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Friday iPhone Photo Dump

by | Aug 25, 2011 | iPhone | 0 comments

It is a day early this week but I am just psyched I even did it two weeks in a row. So I give you my week in iPhone pictures.

1. Nap time with the wee wittle twins. They were 8 days old here and I had spent the entire weekend loving on them. Lucky me.

2. Where they currently sleep. 3. Just chilling 4. Stretching 5. I totally watched a YouTube tutorial on how to swaddle. I will

master the swaddle. 5. First time holding Dom after he got home from the NICU. 6. Snuggles with his sister 7. Driving lots and

lots of driving. On the way to the beach house for a photo shoot. 8. I drive this road multiple times a week from May until October.

9. The crazy color wall in the master bedroom at the beach house. My view from the most comfortable bed in the world.

10. Early morning Ferry Ride to surprise a certain boy in VA beach for his birthday bash. 11. A different view from the ferry

12. Another view of the Ferry. Can you tell I enjoyed the view. 12. American pride 13. Working on the Ferry at a ridiculous hour in

the morning. 14. Just exiting the Ferry and more driving. 15. Getting to VA beach and getting to love on this sweet girl for 24 plus

hours. I hadn’t seen her since her newborn session at the end of April. 16. Ainsley and her mama at the sushi restaurant. 17. Traci

totally impressed with her coordination of baby holding and using chop sticks to walk out of the restaurant covered in Seaweed Salad!

18. A small example of why Traci and I should never be allowed to leave the house sans Robert. We totally speed walked following this chick

so I could get a picture. You know she wanted to pick that wedgie, but goodness girlfriend is in shape. 19. Ainsley Smiles

20. Important TV watching, must be done as close as possible. 21. Waiting for the big birthday party to start. 22. Pink lemonade and fresh

berries. 23. Sunflowers and a giant wall calendar my sister and I painted on the wall last Fall. 24. Happy 6th Birthday Party. Someone had

a tea party. 25. Tea with a little sister and some friends. 26. The little sister at the party. Putting her snack in her “tea” aka “chicken milk”

aka chocolate milk. 27. Makeup time 28. A gaggle of girls.

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