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Friday iPhone Photo Dump

by | Sep 2, 2011 | iPhone | 0 comments

It’s friday again and for the third week in a row I am sharing my iPhone photos with you. I didn’t take as many as last week, but still have a ton going on. I need to remember to pull out my iPhone even when I have my bigger camera.


1. “Aunt Kate this bike is CRUSHING ME” We bought her a bike at Toys R Us for her birthday and I had to figure out how to get it home in a car full of stuff. She was a bit squished.  2. Even the non birthday girl got a gift from Aunt Kate. Internets meet Belle! 3. Hibachi for a certain 6 year olds birthday. The girls are deathly afraid of the fire yet still insist on going. 4. Carrie came to town to help me shoot a wedding. We had cheese steaks at Genos and Pats when she arrived. 5. 9 hours of shooting a wedding in a hurricane. The bride bought me 4 bottles of my favorite wine. Carrie and I got a hotel room and drank half a bottle before passing out due to exhaustion. 6. The number 1 reason to have a filter on your lens. I smashed my bag on a brick walkway and the lens filter cracked. A $150 to replace compared to $2,000 if it had been the lens. 7. Longwood Gardens with Carrie and our new friend Laura. 8. More longwood gardens. 9. In love with the lilly pads. 10. More Giant Lilly Pads. 11. Waterfall at LWG. 12. “Up in the tower” as Anais yells. I had to get a picture of the tower next to the waterfall for her. 13. Fancy lunch at 1906, the restaurant in Longwood Gardens. 14. Best Sangria ever! Could have so drank a bunch more. 15. The gazpacho compliments of the chef. All ingredients grown at LWG. 16. Rock Star Bum 17. Olivia and I chilling in the nursery before the 9 pm feeding. 18. Dunkin Donuts for the road trip to Western PA. 19. Road Trip Posse in the Loser Cruiser. 20. Apparently when I travel with my mom I revert to being 10. I not only ask are we almost there I also throw on my pj pants mid drive because the loser cruiser is an ice box. I also brought a pillow and quilt because I am not driving and can sleep.

Happy Friday Internets.

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