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Friday iPhone Photo Dump

by | Aug 19, 2011 | Kate Giovinco Photography | 0 comments

Ok I don’t recall where I got this from, but I love it.  Actually I saw this on Enjoying the Small Things, Kelle dumps her phone every friday on her blog and I really enjoy it.  So I decided to start doing the Friday phone dump here.  I plan on uploading some of my favorite pictures I took from my iPhone. Some will be current, some might be old favorites. Currently I have 3,059 pictures on my iPhone and it is less than a year old.

Friday iPhone Dump

‎1. Kids on the beach. 2. Sunset on boardwalk in Ocean City NJ 3. Babylicious on a cold beach day 4. Playing after 5. 5. Sidewalk chalk and your first hop scotch. 6. Day out with Aunt Kate 7. Girls trip to the beach house 8. Traveling companions out cold. 9. The ghetto “hayground” hayground = playground 10. Playing with friends at the beach. 11. Lunch at the Chica Fila, Yes CHICA! 12. Boardwalk rides. 13. Multiple Nonuts for Breakfast courtesy of Aunt Kate 14. Girls date with my favorite Martha 15. Commuting back and forth to the beach, exhausting but so worth it. 16. Self Portrait after Hair Guru 17. Self Portrait at Kenny Chesney Concert 18. Finally decorating my new room. 19. New quilt for photo shoots 20. Flower garland courtesy of some of my favorite people made on a rainy beach day. 21. Rain lots and lots of rain viewed from my bed. There is nothing better than lying in bed watching storms. 22. Being buried and your dad making you a mermaid. A little bit of torture the joy of parenthood. 23. An over exaggerated injury. 24. Cousins at the beach. 25. The end of a long beach day and all that is left on you is sand and a diaper. 26. Calling Ariel on your Ariel phone about using the potty. Apparently Ariel is potty training as well. 27. Birthday buddies. Gran and her youngest Grandbaby. 28. Family Game night at the beach house. 29. Modeling new sweatshirt. Be careful don’t mistake her for a lifeguard. 30. Time out to play some DS with cousins.

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