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Best Buddies

by | Jul 3, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Brett and Liam are the best of friends. Liam and his family came to the beach for the day to hang out.

There was lots and lots of wrestling going on inside and out today. It was a house full of boys. I sometimes forget what it was like living with majority of boys growing up. Family beach is a flash back to the reality of it.

These two bring each other gifts back every time they go away. Things such as shells, rocks, jelly. Yes jelly and the other day I was out to lunch with Brett and Abby. Brett saw the jelly and had to get one for Liam. He then went on some rides and asked me to hold it in my purse.  I told him I would be really upset if he forgot to get it out of my purse when we got back to the beach house and there was jelly all over my new purse. So this morning I was renewing my registration and when I went to pull out my wallet I found the jelly. He forgot however the jelly was not everywhere yet so all was ok! When I arrived back at the beach house today I promptly gave Brett the jelly which he handed over to an overly excited Liam.

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