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by | May 7, 2011 | Babylicious, Family, Virginia Beach | 0 comments

She cracks me up every single time I see her.

She decided to wear her tutu bathing suit one morning to watch her shows. When Bossy Boots came home from school she asked Babylicious why she was wearing her bathing suit and she said “I go swimnin” and Bossy Boots asked her mom and I when. We weren’t going swimming but according to Babylicious she had her suit on so we were going to swim. I love her. She was watching her shows with her sunglasses and bathing suit on. You know you wish you could. Oh to be 2 again.

I love her little strut and her blankie trailing behind her.

The picture below reminds me so much of this picture of her looking at the Christmas Tree. She has grown so much since Christmas.

This last one cracks me up. Her face is priceless. That TV show must have been fascinating!

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