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30 in 30 or you know we could just go with 30 Days of Kate

by | Jan 2, 2011 | 30 in 30, Happy 30th Birthday To Me! | 0 comments

The other day I posted about turning the big 3-0 on February 5th and I decided that because I am turning 30 I am going to celebrate it for 30 days. Starting on January 15th and ending on February 15th. Below is my list so far!*

1. Go to the spa and treat myself to a facial and a massage

2. Spend a day in my PJ’s doing nothing but watching television, ordering take out, and just hanging out all by myself.

3. Spend an entire day unplugged. No phone, no internet, no email, and no FB! I know it is my birthday and I shouldn’t do things that will make me crazy, but I think this is a good challenge!

4. Blog every day for 30 days (being unplugged one day will make me prepare and schedule a post for the day I am unplugged.)

5. Skydive, Bungee Jump, Para Sail, or Hot Air Balloon (whichever one I can get the courage to do as I am not a fan of heights and yes I ride roller coasters but I scream and freak out every single time)

6. Buy an expensive bottle of wine and drink it, not save it.

7. Hike in the mountains

8. Spend a weekend at the beach house with friends or alone (not sure yet)

9. Host a dinner party

10. Dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean (hello freezing!)

11. Go to dinner and a movie by myself

12. Go to Napa with a bunch of friends

13. Take my mom to dinner to celebrate the fact she is the main reason I am here

14. Watch the sunset on the beach and capture it in pictures.

15. Unpack my apartment and donate everything I don’t want or need to charity or Sara**

16. Contact someone new

17. Play music and have a dance party (this is something I already do a lot but figure I will go all out and document it)

18. Test drive a car I can’t afford

19. Learn to drive a manual car

20. Eat something exotic

21. Call an old friend

22. Perform a random act of kindness everyday for 30 days (and hopefully on a daily basis even after 30 days.)

23. Sit in a coffee shop and work

24. Get a manicure/pedicure

25. Go to the Hair Guru for the last of the three step process of operation hair change.

26. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

27. Take a cooking class with a friend.

28. Buy the perfect pair of red heels.

29. Meet my best friend’s baby, Brayden! Take lots of pictures of him and spoil him rotten the entire time I am at his house.

30. Celebrate the big 30 at my favorite bar surrounded by family and friends (must book that now)

*Anything and everything subject to change as I see fit. You know being my birthday and everything. So suggest away and if I like your idea I might totally decide I need to do it.

**I was going to have a yard sale with Sara and used her basement for storage. Then I was going to donate it all to good will and well frankly she liked it so I consider it my payment for using her basement as storage. Now I need to go through the rest of it to either store at my mom’s or donate it.

Happy Birthday To Me!

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