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2011 – A Story Board Of My Personal Life

by | Dec 31, 2011 | Family | 0 comments

This is a story board I decided to do for 2011. If I have time I might go back and do one for 2010. I am planning on doing this every year. I am going to have it blown up to 12 x 12 and printed. I plan to hang it in my living room. 2011 has been a phenomenal year. Not only personally, but also professionally. I can’t even begin to desribe how truly blessed I am. So as I say goodbye to 2011 I am looking forward to all the amazing things that will happen in 2012.

1. Went to Napa with a great group of girls for Mez’s 40th birthday. 2. Seeing San Francisco for the first time. 3. Spend over two weeks in California and met my best friend’s baby for the first time. 4. Visiting the Pacific Ocean with Devon, Tim, and Brayden. 5. Watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean ( on my list of 30 in 30) 6. My brother and my mom at his 41st birthday at Smokey Bones. 7. Christopher turns 1. We do his pictures at Longwood Gardens with his siblings. 8. Brayden lives on the east coast while his daddy is deployed. 9. Apple loving toddler. 10. Buying myself extra sleep at 5 am. 11. My sister’s daughters. 12. Gran and Lucas 13. Gran and Noor. 14. Gran and Anais 15. Naked iPad time. 16. Colorado for Huck’s first birthday. 17. Aunt Kate and Huck go to Gymboree. 18. Huck and his daddy. 19. Huck gets his first taste of Birthday Cake. 20. My mom and her godchild with his child. 21. All is Well Necklace. You can read all about it here. 22. Half the six pack enjoying top shelf ice cream from the DQ after a trip to swim in the ocean in APRIL. 23. Sisters play. 24. Anais watching the tv with her sun glasses on. 25. Wearing a tutu suit, dragging her blankie, and watching her show. 26. My oldest nephew Jake turns 15. 27. The lost super bowl bet. My bil is a Steelers fan and my brother is a Green Bay. Whoever won the superbowl the other one had to wear the winning team’s jersey. Unfortunately the green bay jersey came with a cheesehead hat. 28. My brother, his wife, and their youngest at his first holy communion. 29. My brother and his family. 30. My mom and Brett. 31. The six pack all in one picture. 32. Noor is the only grand child to walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Mother’s day. 33. Ella turns 1. 34. Ella eats cake. 35. Maddy and her family come to the beach for Memorial Weekend. Someone loves corn. 36. Touring Philadelphia with out of town family. It is true she is my LOVE. 37. The summer of toddler corn loving. 38. Still loves the apple products. 39. Lucas and his famous jumping in front of other people’s pictures. I have about 30 of these. When he lets me take his picture it is only of him being a goof. 40. Anais and Ice Cream. The dessert of choice at the beach house. 41. Noor making homemade ice cream. 42. Noor boogie boarding. 43. Noor and sidewalk chalk. We loved the sidewalk chalk this summer. The girls and I would spend countless hours outside drawing. 44. Anais learns to hopscotch. 45. Lots of sidewalk chalk for whoever wanted to play. 46. Happy 3rd birthday Anais. 47. Brett and Anais dress up as Repunzel. 48. Anais and her mermaid cake by Aunt Jean. 49. Gran and Anais celebrate their birthdays together. 50. Denise and the boys come to play at the beach with the girls and I. 51. Noor portraits. 52. Sister portraits on the beach. 53. Toddler Frat. Exhausted girls from lots of late night fun at the beach house. 54. Anais would cover her mouth and giggle whenever she got excited. It was beyond cute and only lasted a very short time. I am so glad I captured it. 55. Anais and sunflower portraits. 56. The Gvodas Girls go Charlie’s Angels on us. 57. Anna jumps. 58. Ella is a riot and a complete challenge to photograph. It took her 15 months to like me but we have succeeded and she is now one of my bff’s when I visit. 59. Abby my oldest niece and her portraits. 60. Abby poses. 61. My cousin and her husband welcome the newest family members. The twins arrive 5 weeks early. 62. The twins are a month old. 63. Noor turns 6. 64. Noor has a tea party birthday with her sister and some friends. 65. Oreo cupcakes requested by the birthday girl. 66. Noor gets a barbie bike from Aunt Kate. 67. Sara and Kate annual apple picking. 68. Camrynn is born. She is the baby of one of my oldest friends. 69. Another trip to VA Beach. More sister love. 70. A famous Anais face. 71. Charlotte and Cooper come to play at the beach house. 72. Aunt Kate visits Huck for Halloween and to meet his new baby brother. 73. I get to meet my god child and spend a week with him and his family. 74. My cousin and his wife welcome their second son into the family. 75. Sophia Grace joins her 4 sisters at the Gvodas house. 76. Quick unexpected trip to the beach house. Silliness with Gran. 77. Gran teaches Anais how to play UNO. 78. J. So many things I could share about J. Someday I am sure I will, but for now he is a big part of my life and I am so lucky to have him. 79. The Bucci kids. Finally did their portraits. The last formal session we had was for Lucas’ first birthday. He just turned 3. 80. Brett and Lucas. Two brothers from different mother’s. My brother’s youngest and my sister’s oldest. Usually can be found together and playing their DS gaming systems. 81. My entire family minus my sil who took the picture.

Happy New Year.

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