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10 in 10 My Way…

by | Jan 20, 2012 | 10 for 10, Kate Giovinco Photography, The Man | 0 comments

There is a group of photographers out there doing 10 for 10. I know Rachel Devine just started this month and some others that off the top of my mind I can’t think of. So anyway I need to pull out my camera more and this will motivate me to do so.

So on the tenth of the month you shoot something for every hour for 10 hours. Well I missed January 10th so I decided to go with the 19th. It was the man’s birthday and well I figured it would be more fun to capture. As far as the 10 for 10 I am going to try and do something every month.

6 AM:

I started at 6:15 AM! Yes AM! For everyone that knows me they know that time in and of itself is miraculous. Not only was I awake I was functioning. In this house you get to wake up to your presents like on Christmas Morning. You also get the breakfast of your choice and cake in bed, however after we had breakfast there was no way we were going to eat cake. And breakfast was in the living room instead of bed.

7 AM:

The birthday boy’s breakfast of choice. And of course it is served on the ‘You are special today’ plate.





My drive to work at the office. One of these days my only job will be this photography business. For now I work a few days a week in the office. It really isn’t that bad, well until I went to document it and it is kind of mind numbing boring.


Would you care for some coffee with your cream.


Way way way too much Facebook time.


Drive home from lunch which was really 1PM. I promise next month I will be better at my picture an hour.


The people I check out all day in my cubicle. A few of my favorites.

And because my office life is mind numbingly boring I give you my life when I got home.


Mail time…You know you want to see the song from Blue’s Clues. I sing it every single time I get the mail. I got a thank  you from my friend Christina. She organizes our autism team every September.


Making homemade Gluten Free Bread for the man’s birthday dinner. The Birthday Dinner Menu: Gluten Free Italian Bread, Meatballs and sausage with a gluten free pasta. A variation of caprese salad (Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil)! Of course you get to pick all the meals on your special day.


The Caprese Salad building Station.


The man and his cake. I ridiculously heart him. Seriously I have to pinch myself sometimes I am just that lucky. So his first debut on the blog. Well first pointed out debut. Happy Birthday to my best guy. I hope he had a great day. I know I had a blast celebrating with him.

Next month…10 for 10 on the right day.


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